Examples of ARTFOAM foam board's applications

Exhibitions, Events, POP signage, Furniture, Shop fittings

ARTFOAM Wave-board and EZ-board are the ideal materials for displays for exhibitions, events, POP signage, and shop fittings. They can be direct printed on UV flat-bed printers and cut by computerized digital cutting tables such as Zund or Kongsberg. These boards are made of paper so, they are very lightweight but as much rigid and hard as conventional plastic or wood boards. Displays or funiture can be easily transported, assembled and disassembled. Wave-board is the most rigid and high performance paper board. EZ-board is lighter and cost-effective board.

Digital printing (UV-curable flatbed digital printing and digital cutting)

ARTFOAM almite is an excellent substrate for UV-curable flatbed digital printing because its multi layers of thick paper, aluminum and polyester protection give a complete protection against heat and humidity. ARTFOAM plus and ARTFOAM flat is also very good for UV-curable flatbed and silk-screen direct printing. ARTFOAM standard is a cost-effective solution for direct printing.

Making POP/POS signs, exhibit signage, and graphic displays.

ARTFOAM standard and adhesive foam boards are good for making point of purchase (POP/POS) signs and graphic displays. Die-cuttable, silk-screen and UV-curable digital-printable.

Photo, poster, inkjet-prints mounting.

All ARTFOAM boards are good for photo mounting. Our adhesive quality is, however, hightly recommended for its high performance and competitive cost. ARTFOAM air-free adhesive is a good choice for for non-expert end-usders who do not have laminating equipments. ARTFOAM black is also our best seller for photo, poster and picture mounting applications. ARTFOAM flat is recommended for heavey -duty mounting and for midium term applications.

Making creative decorations and picture frames.

ARTFOAM standard is good for making creative decorations and 3-dimentioal models. ARTFOAM standard, adhesive and kraft foam boards are also good as backing boards for picture framing.