What is Artfoam?
ARTFOAM is a lightweight graphic art board made of high-dense polystyrene foam center and two paper liners on both sides.

Because of its lightweight, durability, flatness, rigidity, structural strength and moisture resistance, ARTFOAM has a wide variety of applications such as picture framing, photo mounting, printing, laminating, or making POP/POS displays, exhibit signage, graphic signs, and so on…

ARTFOAM comes in with a wide variety of liner combinations of paper and many different thicknesses, sizes and formats for diverse applications.

ARTFOAM is totally CFC free and contains no toxin or harmful substances.

Brief product information (click the images to see more details)

ARTFOAM standard (ST)
Standard quality foam board with bright-white pH neutral clay-coated paper liners. Suitable for multi and general applications.

Premium quality foam board with polyethylene protection coat on both sides. Suitable for direct printing and photo mounting.

ARTFOAM kraft (KF)
Second quality foam board with kraft paper liners. Suitable for cheap & fast applications. Natural brown or white kraft paper available.

ARTFOAM repositionable (TRA)
Repositionable adhesive foam board. Aqueous repositionable adhesive on one side under silicon release paper.

ARTFOAM air free (TAF)
Innovative adhesive foam board with specially designed adhesive surface for easy bubble free mounting without laminating equipments.

ARTFOAM heat-activated (HM)
Heat-activated adhesive foam board. Adhesive activates at low temperature and makes the clean and strong bond.

ARTFOAM almite (AL)
Top quality high density foam board reinforced by aluminum with primer finish on both sides. Excellent for direct printing and large format digital imaging.

ARTFOAM black (BK)
All black quality foam board. Suitable as a display board for presentation and photo mounting.

ARTFOAM adhesive (TFT)
Premium quality adhesive foam board with polyethylene protection. Permanet aqueous permanent adhesive on one side under silicon release paper.

Top quality adhesive foam board reinforced by aluminum. Permanent aqueous adhesive on one side under silicon release paper.

ARTFOAM black adhesive (TBK)
Ready-to-mount all black foam boad with one side permanent aqueous adhesive on one side under silicon release paper.