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Manufacturing process of ARTFOAM foam boards

All our foam boards are manufactured in the most efficient and effective ways under our extensive internal quality control management systems. Also, our production is operated avoiding or reducing environmental pollutions. We believe it is our responsibility to maximize the productivity in order to reduce our costs and minimize the environmental impact caused by our industrial operations. We will keep researching for better, safer and more effective ways of manufacturing.

Polystyrene foam extrusion.

Polystyrene resin and blowing agents are used for foam extrusion. After foam is extruded, it is rolled up just like photos above and aged in our warehouse for apprx. 30 days prior to paper laminating process. Our polystyrene foam is CFC free and constains no toxin substances.

Polystyrene foam and paper lamination.

Water-based glue is used to bond polystyrene foam and paper liners together permanently. After boards are passed laminating, drying and cooling parts of the production line, boards are cut into various sizes at the automatic cutter and thoroughly inspected.

Packaging finished products and container shipping.

After inspection, finished products are packed directly into strong white corrugated carton boxes. Normally, boxes are loaded directly in containers without pallets in order to maximize as much space as possible. But upon request, fumigated wooden pallets could be used for easy transportation, storage and delivery.

Manufacturing process of ARTFOAM Wave-board & EZ-board

Coating water-based adhesive on paper liners

Laminate paper liners on the top and bottom of the core

Drying and cooling

Cross & side cutting and finished products